Empathy phrases for good customer services

Customer Services are a crucial part of the business. A comforting phrase or a statement coming from the face of the company either in person or on call, create wonders.  

I am sorry and know that I am not letting you go without any solution after this call. 

Isn’t it comforting when you are desperately looking for a solution to your problems?

Always try to feel the pain of your customer on call seeking a solution. A better customer experience not only benefits in boosting sales but also drives more sales to the business. 

Obviously, if you let the customer leave happily, he will discuss it with others, and maybe he will refer it to someone else. 

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So, coming back to today’s topic, ‘Empathy Phrases for Good Customer Services.

When a customer calls you on your contact or call center, he comes seeking solutions to his problems. Even if he is frustrated, irritated, and annoyed, it is you who can turn the tables of this conversation in your favor.

So, here are a few empathy statements you can use to conquer conversations and enhance the customer experience. 

Tip no 1: Use 'I' instead of 'we.'

It develops a connection between you and the customer. It also develops a sense of belongingness between you and him. 

It reflects how perfectly you are connected with him and take any step just to give him a perfect solution. 

Tip no 2: Make sure your tone sounds empathetic and genuine

You know it is a fact that customers or anyone can understand when you are genuine and fake. So, polish your tone in such a way that the customer should feel that you are genuinely concerned and want to provide the best solution only.

Tip no 3: I will help you with the best

It is one of the statements that comforts a customer. Of course, you can also use ‘I will certainly help you with this or that.’ 

Understand when to use this and that in a conversation. 

For example, in an internet service-providing company, a customer calls mostly to complain about reconnection, network error, or disconnection. Here, you can say, ‘I’ll definitely help you with your reconnection, and it will be done within 2 hours.’ 

The time period defined should be used as per the company policies only. 

Tip no 4: Practice your empathy statements before you say it live.

During the call center training process, a representative is trained to speak certain dialogues and statements to help them deal with the customer. But make sure you practice them enough to make them sound natural and refined. 

Tip no 5: Use personalized statements only.

Well, you cannot copy-paste one dialogue to another when you have two different situations, right?

Modify or adjust your statements according to the situation of the customer. For example, suppose the conversation demands sorry. In that case, you should apologize, but if it requires something to stop the abusive statements coming, you may use ‘I will certainly help you with the problem, please provide me a few more minutes. 

It is not that you should not apologize, but it is needed to take stands on behalf of the company as per the company norms in a few cases. 

Be thoughtful while doing so and mindful at the time of execution. You cannot sound rude; you should sound empathetic

Empathy Phrases for Good Customer Service

Now, let me tell you the statements you can use during the conversation to gain confidence.

Number 1:
‘I have encountered similar issues in the past, and rest assured that I will do my best to help you with this. I have successfully helped them and will do it now too.’

Number 2:
‘I can understand the situation you are in and completely understand you, but don’t worry, here is the way out.’

Number 3:
‘I am now completely aware of the situation you are in, and now it is my time to provide you with the best solution.’

Number 4:
‘I understand it is really annoying & frustrating; let me help you by getting to the bottom of the problem and providing you with the best possible situation.’

Number 5:
‘You know this situation is rare; please accept my thanks for bringing this crucial aspect to our attention.’

Number 6:
‘Sir/Ma’am, my job is to bring you solutions and leave the conversation after your satisfaction only.’

Number 7:
‘I can’t believe this happened to you; I will certainly be taking action against this matter and will make sure it doesn’t get repeated.’

Number 8:
‘I can understand how difficult it must be for you to deal with this; know that I will help you to the best of my ability.’

So, this was all about ‘Empathy phrases for good customer service.’ 

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