Call Center and CRM integration

Call Center and CRM Integration

Call center solutions and CRM systems are the two primary tools used by agents of call centers, customer support, and customer care centers. Agents use call center solutions to run calling campaigns, whether inbound or outbound. During the call, agents are required to view the caller’s details to provide them with a personalized experience from the CRM system.

The primary and most common issue agents face switching between two different screens of call center solutions and CRM systems. Also, there is a significant concern about keeping data identical and up-to-date in both declarative systems.

BUOPSO CRM software provides call center solutions and CRM system integration services, which work harmoniously. In addition, they offer a custom widget that presents agents with an advanced tool to operate both systems from a single screen.

Working Model of Call Center CRM Integration with Single Sign-on Solution:
  • Agents must sign in to a call center solution, open-source, or custom call center software.
  • When he joins a call (inbound/outbound), the details of that specific lead will be visible to him in a popup window generated by receiving it from the integrated CRM solution.
  • After the call is completed, the agent can update the details or fill the disposition, automatically updating the details in the CRM system.
Key Features of Call Center CRM Integration:

During the live calls, it provides all lead information to the agent. The dialer solution provides an empty lead field for the first-time caller or fresh lead to fill in. The CRM solution incorporated in the call center solution creates new lead data. It allows agents to change lead information in the call center dialer, automatically updated in the CRM solution. Checking for duplicate Leads to ensure that your unique records are hassle-free work for them. Both the call center and the CRM system have real-time information updates. Automated lead(s) updates are added to the CRM in the call center. Leads are given top priority. Lead route to the agent depending on preference.

While in the call queue, a High Priority lead prefers being connected to an agent. It updates leads in the CRM system depending on disposition. CRM dialer rule-based action For instance, “India” owns the record calling campaign for each lead.

Sensitive data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, are kept hidden from the agent, ensuring a high level of data protection. Call logs are seamlessly integrated between CRM and Call Center Solution. Call recording data is seamlessly integrated between CRM and Call Center Solution. Each step to update the CRM and Call center system lead is documented in detail.

Benefits of Call Center & CRM Integration:

By functioning from a single screen, you can complete tasks quickly. The call center solution and the CRM system are in perfect sync. Data that is updated in real-time are automated. To minimize duplication, it uses unique data management for leads and campaigns. It makes the most of your time which increases productivity. It uses resources more efficiently. It also improves return on investment (Return over Investments).


In a call center, every call is essential. CRM software provides your staff with the tools they need to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

As a result, every call center that wants to flourish should begin by purchasing a CRM. Choosing the greatest will also assist them in reaching their goal. Our BUOPSO CRM system will never let you down when it comes to exceeding your expectations.